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There are a lot of bikes in China, so they have special people moving the bikes to organize them. Unfortunately, this makes finding your bike very hard.

Today, when Frank and I finished bowling, we had a pretty bad time finding our bikes. They were moved away, by a bicycle mover, neatly somewhere in those long bicycle rows. Normally you would walk through the long line and eventually, you will find your bike. But today, it was already dark outside.

The bicycle mover did his job and put all the bikes together so they needed less space and looked better. Why does he need to order those bikes at night? Nobody is ever going to look at them in the darkness, except for those their owners who will probably not succeed finding their bikes because they are not there, where they were left! So Frank, the big defragment fan, started to discuss with me how stupid the job is. Well, putting bikes together, enlarging the space… Hey, sounds like defragmenting harddrives! And finding your bike at night is just like trying to search for a file manually on windows. Good thing there is a search tool for files in windows, but there is none for your bike, or is there?

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